Secure Accounts

Every ExpenseCube account is secured with a password, with the option to enforce two-step authentication for your organisation.

We follow industry standards, such as encrypting traffic and passing passwords through a one-way cryptographic hash algorithm before storing them to ensure bank level security.

We’re ready when you are
With an uptime that exceeds 99.9%, ExpenseCube is ready anytime that you are. We achieve this by limiting partnerships to premium providers, having robust, tested recovery procedures and redundancy.

We keep your data safe
Every receipt and record that you entrust to us is yours. We’ll keep it safe, we’ll never share it, and it’s easy for you retrieve and download anytime.

Our staff are trained in data protection, both understanding and following best practices to keep your data safe.

Your data integrity is our priority
We leverage industry leading providers and the latest in cloud technology to ensure that your data is always available.

Data replication ensures that there’s always a mirror image of your records.